Rabbet. Art graduate. Artist. Likes bubbles and sparkly things. Wants to learn to fly. [INSTAGRAM.] [TWITCH] [YOUTUBE]



S. May. English graduate. Writer. Likes to read, create characters capable of world domination. Lives in a cave.


1. When do you update? Tuesdays.

2. What programs do you use? Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.

3. Where else do you post the comic? We have a TAPASTIC account,

INSTAGRAM account, an account on COMIC FURY.

4. Where did you get the idea for the comic? Becca and I have been writing stories together for years and years. We’ve always wanted to turn it into a comic. We’ve done loads of writing with our characters, developing them and the world of Crezure. It’s hard to say where the idea came from, it’s just a lot of playing around which eventually transformed into what we have now.

5. How long will the story be? We’ve only just begun, but we have at least three volumes planned at this point.

6. Who does what? While we work together on the story, each of us having our own characters, I do the editing, organizing, script writing and coloring. Becca does the sketching and line art, and the final details of the coloring.

7. Where did you learn to do this? Becca’s been drawing forever, just as I’ve been writing forever. We both went to college for our respective arts: I have a degree in English and Becca has one in Art. Honestly, it’s mostly years and years of practice.

8. How long does a page take? Between ten and twelve hours, depending on the complexity of the page, not including the original writing, editing and scripting time.

9. What is Fan Week? Fan Week is a week of daily updates. We do them from time to time.

10. When did you start the comic? This version began January 2016.  Our original run began in May 2015, but we discontinued that plotline.

Last Updated: November 2016.

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