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Hello and thank you for looking into commissions!


To open a commission please send me an email with a title named "Commission" and add the information below. I will reply to you within the week.

Your name, and commission type (listed from the prices below.)
Preferably with 1 - 2 images attached as reference. And any other additional information that you want me to know.

You may contact me at:  crezurecomic@gmail.com

Other information of note:
*I retain all rights to my artwork unless expressly stated.
*I will complete commissions in the order they were received.
*I will notify you if there will be a delay in the completion of the works.
*When I am finished you will receive PSD file and PNG file.
*If you want a hard copy of the image I will need to be notified upon initial request of the commission and will cost extra depending on size. (Email me for further information.)
*I reserve the right to decline any commission.
*I accept payment through PAYPAL.

Below is a list of my base commission prices.

    SKETCH -- $10          INKED -- $15          COLOR -- $20

Bust -- Additional Character +5

Half Body -- Additional Character +10

    SKETCH -- $15          INKED -- $20         COLOR -- $25

    SKETCH -- $20          INKED -- $25          COLOR -- $30

FULL BODY -- Additional Character +15

                 Character Profile - $ 45